Figured it was time to update the brush set that I use, since a few people have asked and it’s been a few years. Since my last brush post, I’ve cut down on a lot of brushes that I never really used, but I’ve also found a ton of new ones (mostly Jaime Jones’, Shaddy Safadi’s, and Sergey Kolesov’s, along with making a bunch of my own).

Aaand not that anybody asked for a process video, but here’s a timelapse for that Corvo painting. It’s not the clearest (definitely never using livestream again uuugh), but hopefully it will give some insight on how I’ve been doing my paintings lately.


If the link for the brushes breaks for whatever reason, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll be sure to fix it!! Enjoy(ΦωΦ)

Hello ! I know I already make one but I deleted it because it brings you to my old url page and many people thought it was a collection of non-gaming screencaps so yeah here I made the new one in hope many people will know more.

A little information that this is just a collection. None of the screen captures belongs to me. I just like making this page because I don’t want to be confused when looking for screencaps on the internet. I know this isn’t much but I hope this will help your creativity. Enjoy !

Also-most importantly- please tell me the link to a new screencaps resource so I can add it on this page :D

click here for the screen capture resources page <

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Texture pack!

  • 30 textures;
  • random scans and edits;
  • download deviantArt or MediaFire;
  • like and/or reblog if you use;

Enjoy! :-)

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theme 02 
by akouos

  • four custom links
  • four more optional links
  • square 50x50 icon [auto adjusts]
  • 500px/400px posts
  • black or white audio player
  • hover/static option for post info
  • custom color options
  • custom ask action
  • jquery tooltips
  • optional webkit scrollbar

static preview | code |

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aaay so to thank you all, for reaching 3K+ followers, I made you a lil psd pack!( again yeah im sorry *cough*)

1. Some of the PSDs contain vibrance/ need to be tweaked a bit  and 2. the Deus Ex one is a pastel PSD. The rest are regular ones, centered around their games’ colors.   [ mediafire

Screencaps Resources Collection


For anyone who wants to make edits but have lack/don’t know where to look for, here is a list I made from awesome people’s works around in the net. Happy editing !


WATCH_DOGS PSD → it's just a simple psd, since someone asked. 
feel free to adjust it because different scenes will need it.
yellow and red layers may need adjusting to bring some colour
back or take it way again.
please like/reblog, dont claim as your own etc. [download]

texture pack #1 by maferath


  • 9 paper textures + 1 flower border texture
  • sizes vary from 500px to 1000px
  • please like or reblog if you’re using
  • do not claim as your own
  • enjoy!

Making Your own textures




THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL, BUT RATHER A GENERAL GUIDE TO HOW I MAKE MY TEXTURES AND WHICH RESOURCES I USE TO DO SO. Making textures gets so much easier when you have the right resources. I also expect you to have at least an intermediate level of Photoshop.

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Bekas’ favorite fonts (AKA a resource list):
[Cellos Script // Cezanne // Code // Edition // Herencia // LEHN240 // Lovelo // Mensch // Prism // Windsong]

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